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1. BIG CITY YELLOW PAGES has been started since 29 Aug 2004 in the name of BIG CITY YELLOW PAGES . The Board of Directors of BIG CITY YELLOW PAGES include:
Kamal Vats
Chanchal Vats
Manoj Gupta
Vijay Gupta
2. BIG CITY YELLOW PAGES had first issue in April 2005 combined Edition in Mumbai and banglore. In The India’s 2 most successful business cities in Mumbai and banglore’s market area with new name without any other activity and goodwill When BIG CITY YELLOW PAGES launched so most number of market dealers, Manufacturers, Distributors,Wholesallers, retailers etc. they given their valuable Details and data in the BIG CITY YELLOW PAGES for improving first edition And besides they encouraged and time to time they given their full co-oporation In attaining the position on market.

After the first edition BIG CITY YELLOW PAGES faced numbers of problem in Designing. We made lot of mistake. neither BIG CITY YELLOW PAGES couldn’t give their costumer proper listing nor proper display advertise therefore all listing repeated 2 and 3 times. That of cause mostly data’s of costumer collapsed. Which mistake to makeup and polish BIG CITY YELLOW PAGES Launched a new 2nd edition in same year sep. 2005 in which after makeup all data’s of costumer repeated by BIG CITY YELLOW PAGES . In that edition after numbers of mistake also.Advertiser&User they don’t left Company of BIG CITY YELLOW PAGES and they given again their valuable details and suggestion to Improve edition.we very thankful all advertiser and user who trusted in BIG CITY YELLOW PAGES .
3. Now we have stapes in web Advertising to permote your business in national and international level through our website www.bigcityyellowpages .info here customer can Find out who one the best for them and then they can directly contact and reach in you For purchase. What about thinking you make place in www.bigcityyellowpages.info and Your information keep further to the customer and make purchase them.
Big City Yellow Pages : Contact
Kamal Vats : info@bigcityyellowpages.info
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